We’ve Been Friends


I look up in the sky
There I see your pretty face
I can’t believe it’s true
Baby I found you

I close my eyes
There I see you smile
I can figure it out
How lovely you are when you laugh

We’ve shared lots of memories together
You’re the one who makes me feel better
You’re the answer to my prayer
I will never find another

We’ve been friends for a long time
You’re the one who shed my tears
We’ve promised to each other
That we will be together forever
You’re my friend that I can depend
You’re my star that I can reach out
How I wish that we’ll last forever
I love you more than forever

How I wish that we’ll last forever
I love you more than forever

Composed & Played by: Glaisa Nabi Andanan, John Tualla, Javie Alasaas, Bryan Galope, Niko Polon, & Michael Soriano

10 Replies to “We’ve Been Friends”

    1. Thanks for appreciating felicia! 🙂

  1. Wow, just wow ❤

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Is this a song? But where is the song so that we could listen to it? I scrolled up and down and I wonder if it’s just ain’t loading in my computer.

  3. Very beautiful and touching words. Very nicely articulated. I like the song.

  4. Nice naman. Reminds me of that giddy high school kid feeling. 😀

    1. hahaha yes, high school ako nung masulat tong kantang to.. sayang if I just know how to sing isasama ko sana sa post.. lols..

  5. Very nice. I am in love with the words and your composition. Is this a song and where can we check the link for the same.

    1. Hello Suruchi.. Yes this is a song. It was composed back when I was in high school. Sadly there was no uploaded recorded song for this. 🙁 Our band was already separated and have there individual lives now.

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