Walking Around the Colorful Chinatown, Singapore

I have been to Chinatown twice during our 4-day stay in Singapore para kumain sa People’s Park together with my girlfriend Kat. Nagustuhan namin kumain ng dalawang beses dito dahil mura ang mga pagkain, ang daming choices!!! At ang daming tao! Nakakalula, from street foods to desserts to full meals, basta marami! I thought Chinatown ends there. Marami pa pala!! On our third day, we were very lucky to have Ate Space to join us. (She accommodated us during our 4-day stay, I will be posting a separate blog to thank her, and please visit her page, mapapatambling ka sa kakatawa parang nung nakasama namin siya. hahaha thank you ate ng sobraaaaaaaaaa) Third day! Oo nga ano? Parang Chinatown lang ang ipinunta namin sa Singapore. Pangatlong beses sa iisang lugar!! Hahaha pero di naman. Kumain lang kami noong first and second day. Noong third day ay nilibot naman na namin ang Chinatown. Going back, Ate Space brought us to Chinatown (Chinatown again) after we roamed around Singapore during that day. 

After we got off the Chinatown Interchange using the MRT. Nagulat ako! We went up on a street different from where we used to go 2 days ago. From there, I was astounded by the colorful traditional buildings, the foods, and souvenirs. The place is so crowded and filled with a lot of tourists and locals. The feeling is very busy but slow. Ewan ko kung tama ba yang term na yan. Basta ganyan nafeel ko. Hahaha It is far from the fast-paced life of Singapore. Historical feeling, mala Ilocos lang. We just walked around for hours and saw different items for sale on the streets, from old coins, assorted secondhand items, camera tripod, cellphones, old paper bills, sea shells, and anything you could think of.

When we started walking around Chinatown, I was inspired by a couple of people, walking around shooting people, foods, streets, etc. From there, I started taking pictures, in monochrome, just to highlight the traditional theme of the place and I got this collection as a result. 

Baka may magtanong, sagutin ko na lang din.

Bakit monochrome eh may “colorful” yung title?

Hmmmmmm Colorful naman talaga. 🙂 Hahaha Chinatown is really colorful. As mentioned above I want to highlight the historical theme of the place. And as an artist (artist ako kunwari) I have the freedom to put titles on my blog posts and capture photos the way I want to showcase them and actually, di ko lang talaga maexplain bakit may colorful ‘yung title tapos monochrome yung pictures. hahaha 🙂 Maraming salamat. 🙂


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