The World As I See It: Philippine Sunset and Sunrise Photo Collection

“There are sunrise and sunset every day, and they are absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” -Jo Walton 1 Sun 1 Country 1 Camera 100 Pictures 13 Places BAGUIO CITY APAYAO AURORA BATANGAS BENGUET CAVITE ILOCOS LA UNION MANILA NUEVA VIZCAYA PAMPANGA PANGASINAN Additional Photos: Cellphone Shot (Samsung Galaxy S3) MOUNTAIN PROVINCE ©18Megapixel Canon EOS […]

How Many Sunsets Have You Missed?

Out of your own busyness in chasing achievements, careers, money, power, and all material things around you. How many sunsets have you already missed? How many friend and family outings have you missed? People you turned down? Beautiful memories you you didn’t see? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Weddings? Birthdays? Baptism? Smiles? Laughter? Sorrow? Pain? Tears? […]

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