Project Libro: Helping Filipino Children and Meeting New Friends

Books aren’t made of pages and words. They’re made of hopes, dreams, and possibilities. -anonymous

Books are way more precious than what you think. By looking at it, books are merely compilation of paper bound together. Yes, it is true, however, look beyond what your eyes see, take a deeper feel of the book, browse the content and watch yourself travel from one place to another, experience different emotions in one sitting, and acquire new knowledge with every flip of the page. Books have the ability to change one’s life, create dreams, stimulate imagination, and build aspirations. A single book has more than what it takes to change an individual and change the whole world.

With the Philippine Single Association, I was privileged to be part of this advocacy called Project Libro last May 6, 2017 at the Sunshine Daycare Center in Nasugbu, Batangas. The project aims to help Filipino Children to love reading. It is an advocacy that:

Envisions to help bring transformation in the community we live in. Through this project, we aim to conduct free life lesson sessions among elementary students that will enable them to dream for their selves, for their family and for the country. We also want to bless them by giving them some school supplies and learning materials.


Believes in the Ripple Effect Principle. The positive things that you are doing, no matter how big or small, has the power to create ripple effects that will impact the lives of others. source: FB Page

The activity held catered approximately 20-30 kids who received books which were given and funded by the generous sponsors. Aside from the giving of books, the children also enjoyed hearing two stories from the books that we brought and had fun playing few games.

This advocacy is very timely with the emergence of technology in the society that we live in. Books are being neglected because of the different gadgets that our world has and made children disengaged socially and intellectually. The world that we live in is already drowning with the effects of technology. Though our lives became easier, there are also a number of side effects that technology gave us. One of which is the infusion of all our needs and activities in devices, making everything mobile including the reading of books.

This project will give the children the feeling that books are still important for their personal growth and for them to reach their dreams as young as they are. Reading an actual book is more enjoyable with every flip of the page than reading an electonic book (ebook) scrolling down one page after the other and far more interactive than the latter. 

Project libro also became my way to meet my blogger friends who are behind this project: Dr. Eamer, Fatty Kathy, #NoteToSelf, Ellieshana, and Hinds’ Feet & High Places. It is a once in a lifetime experience that I would definitely keep in my heart. My travel experience was made extra special because of this event; I have met new friends, and helped children change their lives.

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10 Replies to “Project Libro: Helping Filipino Children and Meeting New Friends”

  1. This is such an inspiring project and I really like the objective behind this initiative. Thank you for your post, I started checking out the details of Project LIBRO.

  2. I so agree! Book is life and anyone who grows an addiction into it can change his or her life. This is such a great advocacy especially when it involves the kids. It’s important that they learn the importance of books this early in life. Kudos for holding such an endeavor guys.

  3. This is truly such a great deed. Things like this inspires me even more, believing that there are still kind people around the world despite the chaos world that we have. I’m sure the kids were very elated while receiving the books and they have enjoyed so much. Listening stories is what I always like when I was young and I know that the kids loves it too.

  4. Such a great inspirational project. I love those happy and busy faces in your pictures. I too agree books are better than e books. keep covering and writing about such motivational projects. Thanks

  5. You and your blogger friends are doing a great job with this project. i am yet to try volunteer tourism. But I definitely will one day. And when I do, this is exactly the kind of work I would like to do

  6. Books are really so important, they have played a great part in my own life. In these days of technology, the reading habit is on the wane, but I feel it should be inculcated in Children as this helps in developing their values and personalities. Very commendable work being done here.

  7. Kudos mga anak! You made your nanay proud.

  8. This is such an awesome project for a great cause. I love traveling, but I love the idea of promoting education and doing something good while traveling/blogging. I really enjoyed reading this post and love what you do 🙂

  9. It’s really a privilege and life changing to be part of this activity that touches children lives. Books are fun, books are great. Promoting education anywhere not only in the Philippines is such a heart warming to do. You are one of a kind, Michael. I also want to be involve in this even if it’s not part of traveling. Kudos!

  10. This is a great advocacy. I remember when we went to Leyte to donate a library. It feels so nice to see the kids smile.

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