Hello Baguio Tourists

Dear Baguio Tourists,

Did you know that Baguio is just a small and simple city nestled in the heart of the Cordillera? Our city is just approximately 57.5sqkm and houses 300,000+ people based on the 2015 census.

Growing up in this beautiful, lovely, and small city is one of the privileges I will never exchange with anything. The cold weather is so priceless especially during the coldest season from October to February. The people are also beautiful, they are one of the kindest and most hospitable people I have ever met. The parks, ohhhhh, the pine breeze that you will smell is one of a kind, especially during your morning walks.

It is no surprise that tourists will visit and flock in a place as beautiful as this. Yes, it is true that the tourists are the major reason for the economic development of the city but the destruction that they bring breaks the hearts of Baguio people.

I often see tourists throwing their trashes everywhere. Some even leave their garbage right in front of your eyes. There are a lot of garbage bins placed around the city. Why can’t you just take a few step, hold your garbage, and throw it when you saw one? There are also people riding “luxurious” vehicles around the city and just throw their trashes outside the window with plate numbers coming from different regions. It only shows that you can’t buy good manners.

Yes, there are street sweepers walking around, most of them are already old to do that job, but, that does not give you the license to throw garbage everywhere. With the influx of tourists, these street sweepers are too exhausted to pick up or sweep all the garbage left by these undisciplined tourists.

Aside from that, I often hear these “nag-iinarteng” tourists saying these words:

“Traffic pala here sa Baguio, di na lang sana ako pumunta”

“Ang init my gosh and so dami the tao”

“It’s so dirty, so many basura all around and it stinks, eew”

“Nakaasar, puno ang mga taxi tapos ang haba ng pila sa jeep, what a waste of time.”

And when they hear Baguio people complaining about the huge influx of people, they often say:

“Kaming mga turista ang bumubuhay sa Baguio”

For your information, Baguio does not live by tourist alone. Not all people of Baguio are affected positively by the large number of people visiting the city. There are people working in different offices or industries not affected by tourists.

The lack of vacant taxis during your arrival is a huge problem we are experiencing. Aside from that, the long queue at our jeepney lines is another. The cars that jam in the small streets of the city is another. The only solution we see here is for us to walk from school or from the office just to go home.

One more thing, wala na ngang, masakyan, magmamadali kang pumasok sa school or sa office, so lalakarin mo na lang. Along the way, you will see again tourists walking so slow as if they are the only ones walking in that area, taking pictures (“selfies”) and clogging the way.


Me: Excuse me po.

Tourists: No reaction

Me: Excuse me po.

Tourists: No reaction again

Me: Makikiraan po!

Tourists: Makikiraan raw. (tatabi)


What else? The garbage that you leave right after the peak season and festival is so massive. It seems like Baguio is a big dumpsite.

Nagandahan ka, Niyurak mo, Iniwan mo.

We can’t even eat in restaurants when you are here. I even had an experience entering a restaurant as a walk-in customer which I usually do with my friends and then the receptionist asked me if I had a reservation? Oh my gosh!! Nahiya ako, ahahaha a normal restaurant asking a reservation which they don’t usually do, but just because andaming tao, ganun na ang ginagawa nila.

One more thing, the long queue at the ATMs, OMG! Sahod ngayong araw hindi kami makawithdraw dahil lahat ng turista nagwiwithdraw dito sa Baguio.

Baguio people are also affected by the increase in prices of goods. Just imagine, a taho being sold at around 20-35 pesos in the central business district? But when you buy it in the barangays, you can buy it from 10 pesos and your coffee mug will be filled with taho. The vegetables are also priced high, you can’t ask for the sellers to lower the price unless you speak in Ilocano or you tell them you are from Baguio.

Uugggghhh. Please don’t get me wrong. If you are a disciplined tourist and want to have a taste of a beautiful city, welcome. 🙂 If you are the kind of tourist I just described above, well. 😜😜😜 High five! See you around. 😜😜😜

Babatiin ko lang sana si ate na nakasakay sa Ford Mustang na nagtapon ng Venti na Starbucks Chestnut Praline Frappuccino® Blended Beverage sa bintana niya na tumapat sa harap ng kaibigan ko. 😜

Si kuyang driver na din na nangroad rage sa isang taxi driver dahil hindi niya alam na one way ang daan. Siya pa ang galit. 😜

Kay ate na din na nag-iwan ng isang plastic ng basura sa tuktok ng sasakyang nakapark sa Session Road. 😜

Hello din kay kuya na nagseselfie sa daan na ayaw tumabi. 😜

Hi din sayo. Oo ikaw, na nagtapon ng balat ng chocolate jan sa Mines View, sa Burnham, sa Session Road, at kung saan saan. 😜

Cheers sa inyong lahat. 🙂



4 Replies to “Hello Baguio Tourists”

  1. I feel you. Huhu. Muntikan na akong malate sa work kahapon dahil sa isang malaking grupo ng turistang naglalakad sa sidewalk tapos sooobrang bagal, nacrowd pa nila yung buong sidewalk. Di gumagana yung “makikiraan po” sa kanila.

    1. Super. Napakainsensitive nila. huhuhu the struggle is real.

  2. Lovely pictures and thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂

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