How My Heart Jumped at Enchanted Kingdom

Traveling all the way from the City of Baguio to experience the heart jumping rides of the Enchanted Kingdom is one of the experience I would never forget. Recalling my experience, my reactions, and my feeling during my extreme rides always put a smile on my face. I can also remember how loud my screams became, how tight my grips were, and how fast my heart beat while I wait for the rides to stop.

It was a rainy morning in Manila when we boarded a bus bound to Sta. Rosa, Laguna to start our Enchanted Kingdom adventure. I was too worried that the rain will pour all throughout the day, but luckily, it was just cloudy when we arrived at the EK.

While lining up at the ticketing area, I overheard the conversation of the people in front of us that if you have a PAGIBIG Loyalty Card you will get a ticket discount. So I opened my wallet to check if I brought mine, and yes I’ve brought the Loyalty Card with me.

I’m not sure whether the people in front of me were able to avail of the discount, I just tried my luck when it’s my turn to buy the tickets. I asked the cashier if I will be receiving a discount if I have this Card, and luckily again, I received a 15% discount on my ticket purchase. The discount gave me a hint that we will be having a great time during our visit.

Here’s my gallery for this trip:

It is very exciting to look at the map and tick off the rides one by one after finishing it. I remember how fast my heart beat, how sore my throat is from shouting, how messy my hair and face became, and how many buckets of laughter I had after every ride. The whole experience is very tiring but it is very worthwhile. Our EK adventure is an experience worthy to be called a break from the busy life in the crowded city.

A tiring and fun-filled day. Cheers to more adventures with FattyKathy!



6 Replies to “How My Heart Jumped at Enchanted Kingdom”

  1. To more adventures with you! ❤

  2. Nagdalawang-isip akong mag-like kasi si Kath palang yung andun. Pero ni-like ko pa rin. Hahahaha Ginalingan mo na naman sa pictures Mikeee! Masaya ka ba sa ride o masaya ka sa kasama mo?

    1. both mama ji hahahahahaha

  3. Beautifully written. May God bless the two of you! ♥

    1. Thank You Erma! 🙂 salamat sa pagbabasa.. 🙂

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