Bluer Than Blue: A Spectacular View from the Yellow Trail

Camp John Hay in Baguio City, Philippines is known for its golf course, classy hotels, good restaurants, parks, and cool pine breeze. It is a place for tourists to escape the busy streets of Baguio’s central business district. If you are looking for good food, coffee, fun, and relaxation, it is a perfect place for you.

But let me tell you, Camp John Hay is more than that. If you are looking for an underrated and unique adventure in Baguio City, I would definitely recommend that you take a walk along the yellow trail. This is a trail that will lead you to a new dimension and a different face of Baguio. It will give you a sense of feeling that you are in a different place far away from the chaotic and busy life in the city and still breathing the same cool air of Baguio.

The whole trail is flat to slightly steep with the footpath covered with dried pine needles. It features Benguet pine trees, wild flowers, wild birds, and the rolling mountains of the nearby Itogon, Benguet as you walk through it.

During my visit, I got lucky to witness the mountains with this color. The mountain mists probably gave way for the sky to reflect its blue color over the mountains.

It is a hidden treasure open for people who can see beyond borders. 

 Witnessing this picturesque view is a proof that the best things in life are free. Get up, take a walk, and look around.



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  1. I was just able to get a glimpse of Baguio and not much on my trip here, and the Yellow trail looks fabulous. I’m all for offbeat places and would definitely love to try this next time. Thanks for sharing this hidden gem.

  2. Napakaganda! Sa Camp John Hay yan? Nung pumunta kami dun, uminom lang kami ng Choco Batirol.

    1. oo mam ji kung alam mo yung tree top adventure?? may daan dun.. 🙂 pasok ka lang.. libre yung trail hehehehe

      1. whuaaaahhh!!! sayang at hindi ko yan napuntahan. di bali, meron namang next time. 🙂 sana ganyan pa rin kaganda!

  3. I live off the Beaten Track places, will definitely add this to my list!

  4. Oooohhh! I love hiking and nice landscapes so this is the perfect place for me. Nice pictures!

  5. I have never seen such blue mountains. They are either brown or green to me.
    This is really amazing!

  6. Stunning! It looks so pure there… Can we do wild camping in there?!?

    1. 18megapixel says: Reply

      Hi Fabio! 🙂 I think you can’t do camping in the place. I haven’t seen any spot though.. hahahaha Or I just didn’t notice because I’m just after the trail. 😉 Maybe I can go back sometime and then inform you.

  7. Wow! I didn’t there’s something like this on that place! I’ve been to Baguio twice already but never heard nor realized this one. When I have the chance to go back, I’ll definitely remember this.

    1. 18megapixel says: Reply

      Hi Andi! 🙂 You can try to visit this place when you go back to baguio. The entrace is beside the tree top adventure if you are familiar with that. Tanong ka nalang din sa mga guard. 🙂 diretsuhin mo lang ang trail at lalabas ka malapit sa Baguio Country Club.

  8. Bluer than blue perfectly matches the title to the picture. Never seen this part of camp john hay even though I’ve stayed and visited there several times . X

  9. I most certainly did not see Camp John Hay in this color, didn’t know it’s even possible. Having said that, I think it looks quite amazing, mesmerizing even. I would love to see the mountains this way, hopefully when I get back.

    1. 18megapixel says: Reply

      sure marge.. if you are familiar with tree top adventure, beside that is the entry point.. just follow the trail you’ll get out near baguio country club… I hope you could see the mountains with that blue color..

  10. The views are really spectacular and amazing. The trails seems to be taking you actually to some different part of the world. Blue mountains, I would have never thought about that in a dream. I will love to take a walk and experience this glory myself.

  11. Wow, you’re giving me more reason to go back to Baguio. I haven’t heard about this one and this is truly sound astonishing for it gives us another reason to visit Baguio again and try to experience the yellow trail. I like how you captured all your photos it rhyme with how you channel your thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  12. Lovely post, will definitely try the yellow trail when in Baguio. Such off beat trails give the most fascinating views and experiences. The hue of the mountains add more enigma to what more Baguio can offer to visitors.

  13. Amazing view!!! Cant believe ive lived in the philippines for 8 years now and still haven’t been to camp john hay. My friends also rave about. Love your shots btw.

  14. I would surely try the yellow trial at Camp John Hay in Baguio City when I visit Philippines. It seems interesting place

  15. Wow! I havent seen Camp John Hay yet like that. Reminds me that indeed the blue and golden hours are the best.

  16. Hadn’t heard of the place before this. Don’t know if its your photography or the place itself, but the location looks stunning. Will have to add it to our ever growing list of places to see 🙂

  17. I didn’t know this place (Asia is a total ‘Terra Incognita’ for me at the moment) but it is definitely something I’d love to see when I would be in the area! After visiting Iceland, I love to be in nature so much more than visiting big cities and other cultural stuff .. Great pictures by the way! It’s definitely bluer than blue!

  18. finaciofotografia says: Reply

    Nothing better than walk in the middle of the wild… How long is this trail?! It is possible camping around?

  19. I love the photography in the post! Camp John Hay looks like like the perfect abode for photographers.

  20. Your photography is incredible, keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more amazing shots.

  21. This should be called the blue trail alright. Such beautiful captures. I loved them all.

  22. I love the blues of mountains as well as the blues of the sea. I am definitely going to embark on this trail one day!! Looks so stunningly beautiful.

  23. Woah! Ang gandaaaaa!!!

  24. Wow, what blueness! I have no words to write, actually.

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