A Gift I Didn’t Ask For

What is a surprise?

Of course, something that you are not expecting; Something beyond your imagination. It is far more than what you want or what you wish. It is a surprise hidden under the Christmas tree that is not revealed until the Christmas day. A gift with no tag, wrapped especially for you from God.

And when you opened it, all you can say is “Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift”. It is a gift that you didn’t see coming. A gift that you will always cherish and will make you look at everything with wonder, with awe, and thanksgiving. A gift that will make you realize that miracles are real.

With that gift, all you can do is hold on to it, enjoy the moment, make the most out of it; for you don’t know if that will be your first or your last. By doing so, you will have no regrets, no assumptions, no disappointments, and no what ifs.

“Look at everything as if you are seeing it for the first or last time.”

 Canon EOS 60d



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  1. Thanks John! 😀

  2. The photos are breathtaking!

  3. Beautiful photos and joyful enthusiasm that brought a smile – thx

  4. loved the blog or mini-blog. The pictures are so powerful!

    1. THank you BnBNation

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